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Bear Creek Update

A quick update on Bear Creek... The Jones Park transition from Colorado Springs Utilities to El Paso County is completed. El Paso County has already contracted to complete the baseline environmental assessment of Jones Park which will be completed as soon as the snow melts. This sets the stage to complete the environmental assessment, the NEPA Process, for the Bear Creek basin. Upon release of the draft NEPA document there will be a period for public comment and subsequent adjudication, if needed. With luck the NEPA process will be completed before Labor Day, allowing work to some start this year. It appears that most resources ($’s) will initially go to improving, re-routing and closing trails to reduce sediment loading on the creek.

Colorado Springs Parks is working with FEMA grant money to fix High Drive from the floods of 2013 and return it to its original condition. This work will be completed before the snow flies this fall.

It looks like our WNTI grant efforts and other CMCTU volunteer projects around Bear Creek and the greenbacks will not be able to be executed until 2016.

We are working with El Paso County to explore possible educational program opportunities centered on the Bear Creek Nature Center in the county’s Bear Creek Regional Park. This is an exciting opportunity for the Chapter!




25th Anniversary Sale at Royal Gorge Anglers

raffle table

The CMCTU raffle table manned by Rick Luce, our chapter VP, at the 25th Anniversary Sale at Royal Gorge Anglers on Saturday March 21st. 


Rick ran into CMCTU member, Eric Harleman from Ft. Carson (1st Squadron 10 th Cav.) and his friend and fellow soldier Trevor Denny, above. These two Ft. Carson soldiers have started a small business called Reel Fly Trout.  They presently have a line of tee shirts and drinking glasses with their original design.  Most of their products are marketed through the internet ( and FaceBook. They are pledging $1.00 from every sale to CMCTU.


Could fishing be better? Let's talk.

Could fishing be better? Let's Talk...

The New Era Committe of CMCTU wants our members involved in the chapter. We have heard you and in response we want you, our memebers, to help us guide CMCTU into the future....

Watch our Facebook page for updates... Shortly we will start a blog to get your feedback on what YOU think YOUR chapter can do for YOU to improve all of our fishing experences in and around the Pikes Peak Region.

We want to hear from you! Please click on the button 'Could Fishing be better? Let's talk.' above to fill out an email to the CMCTU board of directors with your thoughts and ideas