Conserving, Protecting, and Restoring
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Please Join us Join CMCTU at Angler's Covey for our first annual volunteer and member appreciation event. For info CLICK HERE


We have been working closely with the Colorado Parks and Wildlfe, Northeast team to define volunteer projects that will directly and positively effect our fishing in the South Park area for this year. To see the list of projects andsign up CLICK HERE.


Check out Rick Luce's (our chapter's VP) video of a Bear Creek Greenback fighting the run off to look for a meal. Please notice all the moving Pikes Peak granite sediment, and the lack of typical 1 to 4-inch river rock with the spaces in between where insect nymphs and larva live and hide.




We apologize for the constrcution of our website.... CMCTU is working to build content around the protection and restoration of the greenback cutthroats.