Conserving, Protecting, and Restoring
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FINALLY, Bear Creek NEPA documentation available!

The USDA Forest Service, Pikes Peak Ranger District, have prepared an environmental assessment (EA) and draft decision notice for the Bear Creek Watershed Restoration Project.  The draft decision proposes to implement Alternative B, the Proposed Action, which includes changes to travel management and recreation activities, and stream habitat improvement actions. The EA, draft decision notice and other information are available at the Forest's website:

The most recent set of documents found on the site defining the path toward protecting Bear Creek and the greenbacks are:

‘Bear Creek Watershed Restoration Draft Decision and Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI)’

‘Bear Creek Watershed Restoration Environmental Assessment’


We have been working closely with the Colorado Parks and Wildlfe, Northeast team to define volunteer projects that will directly and positively effect our fishing in the South Park area for this year. To see the list of projects and sign up CLICK HERE.







NFS moving out to protect Bear Creek and the Greenbacks!

The National Forest Service has issued policy on 15 June prohibiting motor vehicle use in the Bear Creek watershed. Details can be found at

We apologize for the constrcution of our website.... CMCTU is working to build content around the protection and restoration of the greenback cutthroats.