Luxury Addiction Treatment

Luxury addiction treatment is one of the most expensive type of drug rehab that you can find in the United States today. These upscale rehab programs offer a wide variety of amenities that can help you improve your quality of life as well as reduce your stress.

Understanding Luxury Addiction Treatment

Rehabilitation programs can be intensive, short, long term, outpatient, or inpatient. The main goal of these programs is to help you overcome your substance use disorder, and all other associated behaviors.

Typically, you should enroll in one once you have been through a medically supervised and managed detoxification program. When you start on rehabilitation, you will be able to access group and individual therapy that either uses alternative treatments or evidence-based practices.

Today, it is possible to find affordable, sliding scale, low cost, and even free addiction treatment programs. These programs can provide you with therapy, medical care, food, and accommodation at rates that would be appropriate irrespective of your economic bracket.

Even so, you might be able to afford more upscale rehabilitation. These luxury drug rehab centers can provide you with better quality treatment and recovery programs. However, they will often come at a heightened cost.

But what exactly is luxury addiction treatment? The term luxury basically means that you will have to pay more when you enroll in such a program than you would if you opted for another treatment program.

However, you might be able to benefit from the extra amenities, alternative and complementary treatments, and scenic settings of these treatment programs. Further, the luxury addiction treatment might provide you with a drastic change from your daily routine - additionally improving your chances of achieving full recovery from your substance use disorder.

According to NIDA - the National Institute on Drug Abuse - it is recommended that you check into a luxury addiction treatment program as long as it offers evidence-based treatments in helping you overcome your addiction.

To this end, the luxury program must abide by the following principles of effective treatment:

  • Addiction treatment needs to be readily available and accessible
  • Effective recovery programs should attend to the multiple needs that accompany addiction - including physical, spiritual, emotional, psychological, and behavioral needs
  • Family, group, and individual behavioral therapies should be at the core of your rehabilitation program
  • It is essential that you first undergo medically assisted detoxification, but where and when it is applicable, such as in the case of alcohol or opioid use disorders
  • It is recommended that you remain in the treatment program for a minimum of 3 months or 90 days
  • Medical detox, although it is important, is the first stage in a continuum of care that involves many other treatment services before you can start achieving recovery
  • Substance use disorders are complex, chronic, and recurring diseases of the brain that often alter the brain's structure and functioning
  • The addiction treatment program should test you for communicable diseases like tuberculosis, hepatitis, and HIV/AIDS that you might have contracted over the course of your substance abuse
  • The treatment program should diagnose all mental health issues underlying your addiction
  • There is no single universal treatment that would work across the board to help everyone struggling with addiction
  • Treatment does not have to be voluntary for it to work
  • You need to undergo regular drug screenings to ensure that you have not relapsed in the course of treatment
  • Your treatment services and plan should be evaluated and changed on a regular basis according to your evolving needs

Most luxury addiction treatment programs will also ensure that you have ongoing access to recovery medications such as buprenorphine. Additionally, they will provide evidence-based therapies like cognitive behavioral therapy and motivational interviewing.

In the same way, effective treatment programs offered on a luxury basis might ensure that you have ongoing access to social support. This might come in the form of family therapy and other support groups allowed at the treatment center.

Whether you take part in an outpatient treatment program or in a residential program, it is essential that you ensure that you have picked the right luxury drug rehab. Your choice should also be informed by your individual needs and requirements for treatment.

Some luxury rehabs might also provide complementary or alternative therapy. This might come in the form of nutritional therapy, yoga, meditation, and more. All these alternative therapies might prove useful in helping you overcome your substance use disorder and any other co-occurring mental health and medical disorders that you might have been diagnosed with.

There are some factors that mark the typically mode of recovery in a luxury addiction treatment program. These factors include but are not limited to:

  • A wide variety of alternative and complementary therapies
  • Access to gurus, spiritual leaders, and more over and above the traditional counselors and therapists working at the center
  • Beachside views
  • Concierge services, such as those you would be offered if you checked into a high-end hotel
  • Confidentiality
  • Exotic locations
  • Expansive amenities
  • Extensive help and supervision from staff members
  • Fine dining, that could include personalized meals and gourmet chefs if you have specific dietary restrictions
  • Heightened privacy
  • Hotel-like accommodations
  • Organic or natural products, such as soaps and food items
  • Pools
  • Salon services
  • Spa treatments

State subsidies and insurance companies will rare offer coverage if you choose to undergo your addiction treatment and rehabilitation in a luxury facility. However, you can use these forms of payment to take care of some services that are considered essential to recovery - including individual therapy.

Luxury treatment centers are also like vacation resorts. This in the sense that treatment is often provided on a residential basis. This means that you might be required to remain in the facility for several weeks/months at any given time.

Expectations from Luxury Rehab

Every luxury addiction treatment center will provide unique services. However, some might include personal assistants or case managers. There are other staples that you can also expect from these facilities - such as hot tubs, warm saltwater pools, mountaintop or island locations, and more.

The main thing to note about luxury addiction treatment programs, however, is that they will ensure that you have access to nutritious and high quality meals as well as alternative and complementary treatments. These treatments might include:

  • Acupuncture
  • Animal therapy, such as equine therapy where you get to work with horses
  • Art therapy
  • Chiropractic manipulation
  • Exercise
  • Gardening
  • Guided meditation
  • Massage therapy
  • Meditation options
  • Movement therapies, such as dance therapy
  • Reiki
  • Spinal manipulation
  • Tai chi
  • Virtual reality therapies
  • Yoga

According to NIDA, there is no single treatment that could work universally to help everyone who is struggling with substance use disorders and co-occurring mental health disorders.

However, it might be useful for you to access some complementary and alternative medical practices. This is particularly true if they complement your individual moral, religious, and spiritual beliefs.

Overall, luxury drug rehabs provide these therapies to reinforce the behavioral therapies that they offer. These therapies can also improve your level of comfort - which is important as you learn how to make drastic changes in your life.


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